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A simple podcast where we (Juice and Arc) talk about pretty much whatever we want to within the bounds of Halo 2. Sometimes we get distracted, but we'll stay in the realm of reason.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Episode VI

Well everyone, we are back with another ground breaking episode of Halo Live Wire. Episode VI promises to be our best yet as Juice and I catalogue the last 4 levels of the Halo 2 Campaign, as well as bring you all the important news and recent happenings at Halo Live Wire! Enjoy~

- Download the Episode -- Download the Preview (iPod) -- Shownotes -

Thanks to UnKnOwN NighT for this episode's artwork. Another thanks to Paradox who is designing our website. Go check it out!

EDIT: The Episode Preview has been added, and is avaliable to be downloaded through iTunes

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