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Saturday, April 08, 2006


Recent Downtime: where are we?

Good afternoon everyone, or whatever time you may read this at. I hope this entry finds you doing well. As I write this, the Podtacular April Tournament is comming to a close, so congradulations to the winners.

First of all I would like to say hello to all of our listeners, and thank you for your support. It means a lot to us. As it stands, we are currently going through a bit of a slump with our podcasting and website, and you all deserve to know (if you really care) what's going on.

To make a long story short, we have been busy. Very busy, and not feeling very creative to boot. We have attempted to record episode #5 a total of three times now, all of them ending in a technical failure of sorts. Anyone in the podcasting world will be sure to tell you that this can be very discouraging to say the least. Following in suit with our last 2 episodes, #5 will continue with the Halo 2 Campaign. However, both juice and myself are having an incredibly hard time coming up with some way to make this episode interesting, as imho, these are some of the most boring levels in the entire campaign. So… I would like to ask our listeners for help. We need you guys to send anything you may have about Sacred Icon or Quarantine Zone. Contact information can be either to Juice57 (juicefiftyseven@gmail.com), MadGex (greyday18@gmail.com), or our podcast e-mail (halolivewire@gmail.com).

Also, there is some work going into a new website for our show. We would love any input that you would like to see in it. As it stands, it could become anything that we see fit (basically, we have no idea what we’re gonna put on this baby) and I think it would be awesome if you guys had a hand in creating its body. After all, it is a community website that we hope helps you all enjoy playing the game of Halo 2 that much more.
So to wrap things up here, thank you for checking in with us and we hope that you all continue to tune into our shows as they come out. Peace everyone.

postscript: its a puma

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