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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Episode #5

Bom Dia, Everyone! And it really is a good day for us here at Halo Live Wire. We hope the wait has been worth it, 'cause EPISODE 5 IS NOW HERE!!! Now don't panic when you see that its only 53 seconds long, the audio is only a PSA for the fact that Ep 5 is a VIDEO PODSAST. Thats right, not only to you get to hear our beautiful voices, but you also get to see me getting PWND by the Flood! Unfortunantly we do not have hosting that alows us to put video through iTunes, so youll just have to watch it here, or download the file off of Google Video, who were so nice as to host it for us (there are 3 file types, Mac/Windows, Video iPod, and Sony PSP to choose from).

- Download Preview Here (iPod)-

Shoutout to Paradox for this Episode's Artwork. Awesome bro!

Also, Special Shoutout to our Guest-Host for the Episode: SharpShot15, who is also Co-Hosting on his own Podcast: 360 Talk: The Unofficial Xbox 360 Podcast. Go check it out!

- Download Video Here -

EDIT: The Episode Preview has been added in place of the PSA, and is avaliable to be downloaded through iTunes

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