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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Down Time...

hello everyone,
in recent days, you may have noticed that there have not been many updates to the podcast or website in general. this is due to a number of things that i would like to now discuss.

*First off, Juice is having a wonderful time with his family at Disney Land. for those of you lucky, or unlucky i guess, enough to have experienced what he is going through right now, please go ahead and send him hate mail saying how envious you are of him. also, as you can imagine, it is fairly difficult to record a podcast while playing all day and sleeping as hard as you can at night, only to get up and repeat this vicious cycle once again for almost a week long.

*Second, HLWaM is attempting to come up with a more fertile source for information to podcast on. true, we were able to get through two separate podcasts without having a main focus, or the focus that we had was not carried on to the next week. this is something we are now trying to amend, for we strongly believe that parrellel with our will to bring you listeners a good podcast should also exist good material and ideas to keep you both entertained and coming back for more. its a fairly simple concept, but i think it often gets taken for granted in the anticipation of beginning a brand new podcast.

so with that being said, go about your lives and please check back here every-so-often to see what and were we decide to go with this little monster that we have created for ourselves. also, that having been said, i would like to thank our current 15 listeners for their support. just knowing that someone is interested in what we have to say is very cool. thanx u guys

until next time

hey also, check it out
we are now on iTunes, the mother of all ... whatever it is they do. so head on over and subscribe and feel the sheer simplicity of having our podcast update automatically instead of manually

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